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January 2009



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Jan. 7th, 2009



Pretty Woman, an UruhaxAoi oneshot

Title: Pretty Woman

Author: Dale, CAHA

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Nothing, really. Humor, perhaps?

Summary: Aoi’s cleverness manifests itself in song and actions have reactions.

Notes: I don’t own The GazettE or Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”, so don’t look at me weird. This is just what I envision when I hear the song… with a bit more background, of course. And Aoi prancing around like the Naked Cowboy.

This one goes to one of CAHA's newest friends,


 , who wasn't feeling too cheery a couple of days ago, so I wrote this with her in mind to cheer her up.




Pretty woman, huh?Collapse )

Dec. 25th, 2008



Chip's X-mas present to me.

This is the greatest present ever...along with VK drabble she wrote pour moi.


It's Gackt, Hyde and Miyavi... dressed as elves doing a mean hoedown. It is amusing as fuck... and if you play Nightmare's "Tokyo Shounen" in the background... it gets funnier.

Meevy Christmas, y'all.

-Das Dale.

Dec. 20th, 2008



Musings, A RukiXReita oneshot

Title: Musings

Author: Dale

Pairing: RukiXReita

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: sex, language, strange fixations (a.k.a. Ruki’s a fucking weirdo in this one), Crack-like moments, but it’s serious. Reita’s flashbacks are in Italics.

Notes: If you read “Can’t Smile Without You”, there is a mention of Ruki and Reita and a certain item, which is the main focus of this story. You don’t have to read one to understand the other. But if you read both, good for you.

Summary: Reita once mentioned to Kai the crayon box in the drawer belonged to Ruki. What he never told Kai was why Ruki owned a box of crayons.

Or how they had ended up in Kai’s desk drawer. 

Or how he knew that.

Or why he wore a nose strap.





Ru-chan, what the fuck?Collapse )


Can't Smile, A MiyaviXKai oneshot

…I just can’t smile…without you…

Author: Dale

Pairing: MiyaviXKai

Rating: PG

Warnings: None, except for humor, fluff, kissing, some language, a dumb Miyavi and an angry Kai.

Summary: There are seven days in one week, and so far, Miyavi’s managed to piss Kai off on five of them. On the sixth, Kai isn’t even acknowledging his existence. Miyavi is determined to make it up to his boyfriend by the seventh day…but how?

(The ‘he’s in bold and italics refer to Miyavi; the ones not in bold and italics refer to Kai).


This one’s for Chip and her occasional kicked-puppyness, as well as for those MiyaviXKai fans out there. Lolz. Enjoy, dears. Cheers to Barry Manilow’s “Can’t Smile Without You” and the Hellboy II soundtrack.




boku wa kimi no bakaCollapse )

Dec. 9th, 2008



The Longest Night

Yo, guys! Here's the first of our J-Fiction Posts, courtesy of the CAHA Girls.

Candy Apple Heart Attack proudly presents:
"The Longest Night"
by: Dale

Pairing: (Multiple) Gackt x Miyavi-centric.
Rating: NC-17
Suggested Listening: "Senor, Senora, Senorita"-Miyavi

It’s the winter solstice and Kamui’s ‘special’ friends take him out for his ‘birthnight’. They all end up at a mysterious club in Barcelona where a certain event of the establishment will unleash a series of events that start a fire and a struggle between Kamui and an alluring stranger.  Against Kamui’s own will he finds himself thrown into this sensual maelstrom where he is torn between claiming the stranger and letting him go. What will Kamui decide? Will the normal life the stranger knows end after the longest night?

Nov. 4th, 2008

Mello Near


Welcome Note...


Welcome to "Riding The Music", a J-Fiction community.

This community is open specifically for the purposes of writing, posting and sharing RPS (Real Person Slash) relating to the figures of such individuals like Gackt, Hyde, Miyavi and others. Of course, we claim no personal accountability for what's posted here and those people's whose names we use; they belong only to themselves. However, we're taking creative license as so many others have.

That being said, welcome again, and we look forward to your participation!